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At Megrisoft, your requirement is our top priority. Our PPC experts are based in London have years of experience and successfully handling PPC campaigns for different industries.

Megrisoft Helps You Spend Smartly & Outperform Your Competition

For over a decade we’ve been offering our PPC management services. We have trained and made the best team of PPC professionals. We know PPC investments and right results are your priorities.

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Our Motto For a Successful PPC Campaign


PPC Specialist That Know How


Target Audience That Buy


PPC Ads That Convince Audience


Landing Pages That Sell

Success Starts With Right PPC Marketing Plan


Personalized PPC Audit

It all starts with a complete PPC audit of your website and social marketing channels.

Customized Strategy

Our PPC experts build the right strategy that is designed taking your business goals on priority.

Grow Your Business

With our set aim with the right work plan & strategy in place, we help you grow your business.

Our PPC Marketing Services Are

Something we always ask our clients – are your customers ready to buy? To build a properly targeted pay-per-click marketing campaign one needs to identify which part in the customer journey you are planning to engage with…

Google Ads PPC Management

Google Search Ad Management

The biggest source for searching on the Internet is Google. So if you want to increase your lead conversion rate then try our Google Ads Setup and Management service to improve your visibility among the target audience. This service includes Google Ads Campaign strategy development, leads & conversion tracking, keyword research, text ad creation, Ad campaign setup, A/ B testing, campaign management, Landing page development, and page conversion rate optimization.

Google Display Ads Management

Google Display platform is the largest non-search engine advertising network which is made up of more than 2+ million websites & 650,000+ apps – which audience reach can cover over 85% of internet users. We do target audience research, Display, text, Video and Animated and development, campaign setup, cost management, monitoring and optimization with leads and conversions tracking. We work on GDN target, test, optimize and repeat mode.

Google Shopping Ads Management

Google shopping advertisements or, product listing ads known as PLAs, is a popular method for product selling on Google search engine, are considered to be the most efficient way to advertise and sell products online. Google shopping ad management starts from creating products feed, picking the right products, selecting the right bid, and then beating the competition with lesser spend and more profits with the right PLA campaign setup & optimization.

Youtube Ads Management

YouTube, owned by Google is the biggest video-sharing website & one of the top methods of display marketing nowadays as known for brand awareness, but, in most cases, provide a good return on investment. In this we start with YouTube marketing strategy by selecting a target audience, account setup, conversion or purchases tracking, campaign management, remarketing, landing page conversion rate optimization & landing page development.

BING Ads PPC Management

Bing Search Ads Management

Bing search Engine covers nearly 35% of all searches in the US and it is good to target audiences on Bing at a lesser competition. We are the best Bing search ads management agency offering keyword research, conversion (Leads / Calls / Purchases) tracking, Text ads creation, Bing Ads account setup, campaign management, landing page conversion rate optimization and Landing page development as per your business needs.

Bing Shopping Ads Management

We on behalf of advertisers prepare a feed of available products and submit them for review. These ads will not allow showing which words you want to show up on your products display. We try optimizing theme to gain the highest possible ROI on Bing Shopping Ads for your business. Our real data scientist works on it from hours to hours to note down the changes due to very high competition, complex bid management and on-website conversion rate tracking.

Social Media Ads PPC Management

There is more audience available on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Therefore, Megrisoft social media PPC experts use social advertising to your advantage by designing a strategic approach and right plan execution to make those users your future customers.

Facebook Ads Management

More than 5 million businesses buy Facebook Advertising but don’t know how to find the target audience for their products & services. While creating Facebook ads, our PPC expert will use a wide variety of targeting options given by Facebook Ads based on interests, demographics, geographic location and device bidding. Facebook allows you to aim their main focus for each campaign and select the most profitable placements.

Facebook Shopping Ads Management

Facebook is the best social media platform for B2C sales. Facebook shopping ads allow sellers to sell their products to target audiences on the Facebook social media platform. Here, we do Product feed creation, Product ad campaign setup, Ad campaign optimization, Remarketing campaign setup, Landing page creation, Landing page conversion rate optimization & Conversion (Leads / Calls / Purchases) tracking.

Why Clients Choose us For PPC Management

We are into the business over a decade and our PPC management contracts are month to month basis, unlike other PPC agencies who lock clients in yearly contracts. With a nearly 90% retention rate within the past years, there are a few more reasons why client prefer us:


Dedicated Account Managers & additional client support


Customized and Client Tailored Strategic Planning


Highly dynamic work strategy


Higher return on investments


Work on any kind of PPC Campaign Budgets


Helping you in eCommerce sales growth

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions? We Are Here To Answer Your Queries.

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay per click is an advertising method where a client who is also known as advertiser pays a fee per click which leads a visitor to a client website. The best platforms for PPC are search engines like Google, Bing and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

How can Pay Per Click marketing help my online business?

If you have just started your online business and don’t want to wait for months for good results with organic SEO methods then PPC marketing is the right solution for your needs. In PPC marketing, the client can serve their online ads to the target audience instantly.

How Megrisoft can help my business in Pay Per Click Marketing?

Doing PPC management for search engines or social media platforms is not an easy job. There is an N number of ways to setup Ad campaigns on different platforms. If you don’t know how to do it, then please sit back and relax as we, Megrisoft can help you as 100% trustworthy PPC Marketing agency otherwise you will end up being wasted too much money on Ads without proper knowledge.

Where will my prospective clients see the PPC ads?

A best and most effective method for PPC is paid search engine marketing where your target customers can see your ads on Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo top search results.

Let's Skyrocket Your Online Business With PPC Marketing

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