Improved Beauty Brand Search Engine Rankings And Drove Potential Customers To Their Website, Ultimately Leading To Increased Sales.

Beauty Based Industry – Client ( UK, Ireland and Europe)

The Client.

Beauty brand (Megrisoft Client ) stands at the forefront of Botox and skin wellness innovation in the UK and Ireland, offering a harmonious blend of cutting-edge treatments and holistic skin care philosophies. Renowned for their personalized approach, the client caters to a discerning clientele seeking transformative, lasting results. Their commitment to excellence and detail has solidified their reputation as a leader in enhancing natural beauty and promoting enduring skin health.

Blogger Outreach.

Megrisoft was able to help the skincare brand/skin regimen grow its organic traffic by more than 78%. Through high-quality content marketing, blogger outreach, and SEO, we generated referring domains, built a name, and increased engagement and traffic to support overall site growth.

 The Remarkable Increase In Overall Sales Indicates The Effectiveness Of Our Strategies, The Dedication Of Our Team, And Our Deep Understanding Of The Digital Landscape.

Megrisoft searched to reinforce its client's strengths. Active presence through Blogger Outreach Campaign setup for the client. The brand drew closer to an audience with a clear engagement from the bloggers and influencers. We at Megrisoft knew that SEO was a critical component of the media mix and necessary to reach goals.


Trouble breaking through in an ultra-competitive niche. Our Marketing Team realized that to start driving sales online, we needed to find a way to grow brand awareness in this crowded market.

Key Facts

We applied the keyword strategy to the website by manually optimizing each page, ensuring all pages optimally targeted high-converting keywords, and that all SEO elements followed Google’s best practices.

Outreach Influencers

The company identified key influencers, bloggers, and beauty experts in the industry. They contacted them with personalized emails, offering them exclusive access to new products, interviews, or guest posting opportunities on their website.

6 Month Progress

Megrisoft searched to reinforce its client's strengths. Active presence through Blogger Outreach Campaign setup for the client. The brand drew closer to an audience with a clear engagement from the bloggers and influencers.


The improved backlink profile led to higher search engine rankings for important keywords in the beauty and skincare industry. The brand began appearing on the first page of search engine results for relevant queries.

SEO Campaign

Our full-scale SEO campaign significantly increased the visibility of the brand in search engines. 78% growth in organic traffic since launching the first-ever, full-scale SEO campaign Non-branded traffic increased from 21,000 organic visits to 69,550 The number of keywords ranking went 40% higher

Conversion Rate

Our campaign's success is reflected in the raw increase in conversion rates and the quality of interactions and engagements we've fostered. This strategic shift towards targeting more qualified leads has improved our conversion efficiency and enhanced the overall user experience on our site.

Website Traffic

Since the initiation of our full-scale SEO efforts, the brand has enjoyed an exceptional surge in organic traffic, marking a 78% increase. This leap is a testament to the potency of our SEO strategies, which have been meticulously designed and implemented to enhance our online footprint.

Overall Sales

Our success in boosting sales extends beyond the immediate financial gains. We've fostered deeper brand loyalty and trust by providing our customers with a consistently positive and valuable experience. This emotional connection with our brand is invaluable, laying the foundation for sustained growth and ensuring that customers return repeatedly.

Increase In Number Of Keywords Ranking In Top 10

Increase In Organic Traffic Over 6 Months

Content Marketing, Seo, Blogger Outreach

We developed a keyword strategy based on the search demand for terms applicable to the brand and its competitiveness.


We Began By Performing Keyword Research To Ensure That Each Page On The Website Targeted Relevant Search Queries From Potential Customers.

Additionally, we have worked with the team to produce long-form, quality blog posts to drive traffic and revenue.

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