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Megrisoft Limited, established in 2004, is Internation – UK-based Technical SEO agency with a team of On-page technical SEO experts based in London and other International Locations offering services across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia.

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Megrisoft#1 Technical SEO Expert agency helps in optimising a website on search engines like Google, Bing making sure your all technical On-page SEO basics are in their place.
SEO Tech Specialists

Having a team of SEO specialists with years of experience makes our technical SEO service the best in the UK SEO industry. Our team have complete knowledge about SEO concerns related to URL, domain, website server, website programming code, website content and many other points.


Team with strong programming skills on HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Code Ignitier, Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and many other popular CMS & Frameworks makes the website Code search engine friendly. We are ready to work on new, existing or relaunch website projects.

Website Designers

Our website designers are well versed with code optimisation technology making your website loading speed faster and SEO optimised. Also, we make your website mobile friendly and other devices friendly so that you can get maximum reach to your prospective customers.

Server Administrators

Our website server staff know how to make your website code lighter by using different recommended techniques by your hosting provider. We use different website code compression processes like GIP method making your website Google friendly.

Content Writers

Our website copywriters make sure to check your old website content readability score making it easy to understand by new site visitors and SEO optimised so that search engines can crawl your website content. A good landing page content leads to more lead conversions.

Content Writers

Our website copywriters make sure to check your old website content readability score making it easy to understand by new site visitors and SEO optimised so that search engines can crawl your website content. A good landing page content leads to more lead conversions.

We Are International Superstar, With Our Global Presence In UK, Europe Canda And Australia

We’re The Top Technical SEO Agency in the UK

If an individual, startup, MNC’s, SEO resellers, web designing firms, digital marketing agencies want to outsource guest posting services, Megrisoft is your perfect choice.
Technical SEO Audit

Analysing your website with a technical SEO audit checklist having 60+ On-Page Technical SEO factors identifying the errors, issues of website UX, accessibility, site architecture & Search engine results.

Website Speed Optimisation

It includes faster website hosting, lesser HTTP requests, minifying CSS & JS elements, SEO-optimized images, using the GZIP method to compress web pages, and a simple template.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Google introduced the Mobile-First Index policy & transfer of the majority of internet users from desktops to mobiles makes the mobile-friendliness of a website one of the most critical technical SEO factors.

Website Architecture

Building good architecture for your website making it easy to understand by search engines like Google and website visitors covering URL Structure, Breadcrumbs, Internal links, Sitemap, Robots.txt, HTTPS over HTTP.

Reviewing Website Content

Well-Optimised website content with good quality, good readability score, volume & the layout has a good impact on technical SEO of the website. Our copywriters analyse existing content.

Migration/ Hosting Transfer

Website migration has a good impact on the organic search rankings of your website. We make your website migration process easy & smooth with the help of web hosting experts.

Outsource Technical SEO to Megrisoft. Why?

Trusted For 15+ years. Best Rate Guarantee. Amazing Offers. One-Stop SEO Solution
Reduce Your Costs

Opting for technical SEO service outsourcing to our SEO agency saves your money, time, efforts on in house staff, tools & infrastructure.

A Complete Solution

Our technical SEO experts will handle website from scratch & cover all aspects of technical SEO like URL, website elements & content.

Streamlined Management

Your project account manager will be there for you to keep you up to date on all campaigns and detailed reports.

Market Competitive Pricing

Our technical SEO package starts at £99 GBP, one of the lowest pricing in market. Customized packages for resellers, SEO agencies are available.

All Web Platforms

We can handle technical SEO for a website based on basic HTML to WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify and many other web platforms.

Content Writers

Our website copywriters check old website content readability making it easy to understand new visitors and SEO optimised so that search engines can crawl your web content.

We excel in our domain, leveraging a worldwide pool of talent to deliver top-notch expertise and skills for your upcoming campaign. Our commitment to innovation and technology empowers us to discover optimal solutions tailored to your business needs. Additionally, we prioritize creating cost-effective strategies to maximize the value of your campaigns.

Who Can Outsource Technical SEO Service to us?

If you a website owner, startup SEO reseller, a web designing firm, a digital marketing agency who want to outsource technical SEO services, Megrisoft is there for you.

Individual Businesses

If you have a local business of skin bins, driveways, taxi hire, hotels, home inspection and construction then you can hire us for technical SEO service.

Webmasters/ Bloggers

Website owners operating business directories and bloggers running blogs can also improvise their blog technical SEO with our on-page technical SEO.

Startup / Custom Websites

If you have just started a website and want to beat your competitors with lesser efforts then choose technical SEO service first to kick off your website SEO process.

SEO Resellers & Bestsellers

If you are an individual and offering 1 to ‘N’ number of clients then you can recommend them about our service and you can avail our offers on bulk websites technical SEO work.

Web Design Firms and Contractors

Work as a partner with Web design agencies as we work for hands in hands. Once they develop a website, they can choose our technical SEO services for a better website.

Digital Marketing Agencies

We are working with UK’s top SEO agencies as outsourcing partner for years. We sign non-disclosure agreements with SEO agencies maintaining their client privacy.

FAQ’s – You Ask, We ‘ll Answer Your Questions

Avail The Benefits Of The Best Organic SEO Services at Megrisoft

Technical SEO is the process consisting of different steps implemented on a website and its server. This service directly or indirectly affects your website and its rankings on different search engines like Google and Bing.
Getting your website technical SEO game on point leads your website to better loading time and improved search engine rankings by making few fixes to your website elements, contents and server configuration.
Page Elements like javascript, CSS, HTML, HTTP header responses, XML Sitemaps, redirects, metadata like Title, meta description, image alt text, image size optimisation, website speed optimization, adding canonical references etc, are part of technical SEO.

Before jumping directly to the technical SEO implementation, our technical SEO specialists with years of experience carry out an SEO Audit process consisting of 60 plus technical SEO points based on which website is checked and a detailed report is prepared for the client and if client hire us for technical SEO then we work for the improvements for those points.

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