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    Megrisoft Limited is a UK-based website maintenance services agency helping different businesses improve their speed, performance & security.

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    Website Maintenance Plans Designed For Clients

    Affordable Web Maintenance Plans. No Fixed Contracts.Flexible Plans. 24/7 Client Support

    Continued Website Maintenance For Better SEO

    Our website maintenance experts keep website updated. We offer 24/7 result-driven website maintenance & support services.

    Website Server Migration

    We can move your website to fast response time server to improvise its page speed which is one of the important ranking factors on Google these days


    Website Security

    Regular anti virus scans, errors detection and correction by preparing vulnerability reports to fix those on time for security of your website.

    Uptime Web Server Monitoring

    Our server admins make sure your website does not get down at any moment during your business hours by monitoring website uptime.

    Website Updates & Backups

    Website regular updates for text, photos, design changes, videos, links, navigation bars & downloads. Weekly & monthly website backups.


    On Page Technical SEO

    Creating technical SEO audit, create on-page SEO reports with errors & recommendations for client to make them search engines friendly.

    Client Reporting & Tech Support

    We care for clients and know that they need our support 24/7. Therefore we offer client support over phone call, live chat and email as per client’s preference.

    Why Outsource with Megrisoft?

    Trusted For 15 Years. 24/7 Client Support. Competitive Pricing. UK-Based Support.

    Branding & Better Online Image

    If your website uptime is good, then there are chances you will never miss any lead from your website, which increases your client’s confidence in your brand.

    Keeping Website Up To Date

    If your website is still showing old updates and articles of the previous year, then your website content and sections are outdated. We make sure to keep it up to date.

    Security From Viruses & Malwares

    Our developers ensure your website design, theme and plugins are updated on time to avoid any kind of malware and sudden virus attacks on the website.

    Improved Technical SEO Concerns

    Our On-Page technical SEO experts make sure your website’s technical SEO is on point, and it further helps you better search engine rankings on different search engines.

    Generating Better Revenue

    Our Server uptime monitoring administrators ensure your website is up all the time, leading you to more leads, and more clients and resulting in good profits.

    Client/ Site Visitors Engagement

    Our website copywriters proofread existing content on your website and improvise it to increase its readability score resulting in better site visitor engagements.

    Benefits of Website Maintenance & Support

    More Focus on Core Business

    Few business owners don’t have enough time to maintain their website uptodate but your website maintenance outsourcing partner can help you keep your focus on your core business.

    100% Cost Effective Solution

    Hiring an in-house team of technical web professionals to keep your website up to date is a significant investment nowadays as it includes professional payouts and infrastructure costs.

    24/7 Professionals Support

    At Megrisoft, we make sure to be there for our clients support all the time, our technical team is available on calls, live chat and email all the time to answer and resolve client issues on time.

    Protect Your Website & Online Reputation

    Nothing worse than a hacked website leading to a reduction of clients’ interest in your website resulting in loss of business. An outsourcing team for website maintenance can help with this.

    Maintaining Website SEO & Improvised Rankings

    Outsource to Website maintenance agency in London to keep your website as per the Google SEO guidelines improving its website speed and rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

    Website Improvement Recommendations

    A professional agency can keep your website up to date. If your website is not having enough content to elaborate your website services then there are chances that you ll loose your prospective clients.

    FAQs About Our Web Maintenance Service

    You’ll ask questions, we’ll answer those for you.

    How often can I request website changes?

    You can request as many design changes per month as desired. Due to the nature of design changes we work on one change at a time and move on to the next as soon as you are satisfied with the result.

    How secure is my website if I plan to buy any of your web maintenance package?

    Our website runs on one of London’s leading web maintenance providers. We take care of your website security seriously. If you have specific concerns, please contact us directly at email so that we can provide additional information.

    How quickly are updates made?

    For time-bound changes, we do our best to complete the changes within 1 business day. We complete regular updates within 2 business days. If you have text, promotions or images that need to be changed on a monthly or seasonal basis, you can let us know about the updates ahead of time and we will make the changes on the requested dates.

    For Which Website platforms, CMS, Frameworks you offer web maintenance services?

    Our technical experts are well versed with website maintenance for website based in HTML, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify. If you are looking for any other web platform then please call at 07466 440 362 for more assistance on this.

    We Can Work On Your Current Website

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