Elevating Personal Brand Through PR Outreach

The Client.

In a world where personal branding can significantly impact career and business opportunities, our client, a speaker, lifestyle curator and author, sought to enhance their visibility and authority in their field.

PR Outreach.

Boost the client’s profile across media outlets and platforms. Megrisoft Positioned the client as a thought leader in their industry.

We developed a customized PR strategy that aligned with the client’s brand values and goals, targeting media outlets and platforms catering to their industry and audience.

To facilitate media coverage, Megrisoft crafted a comprehensive media kit that included the client's biography, achievements, high-resolution images, and previous speaking engagements.


We launched an outreach campaign to pitch story ideas, articles, and interview opportunities to targeted media contacts, bloggers, and podcasters.

Differentiating the Client Reputation

Setting the client apart from other industry professionals was a significant challenge in a saturated market.

Building Media Relationships

Establishing connections with key media personnel and influencers with prior relationships took time and effort.

Measuring Impact and Returns

Quantifying the direct impact of PR efforts on personal brand growth presented a methodological challenge.


We highlighted the client's unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions to their field, making their story compelling and distinct. Focused on personalizing communication with media contacts, demonstrating genuine interest and relevance to their audience.

Increased Media Coverage

The client saw a 70% increase in media appearances, including features in major industry publications and interviews on popular podcasts.

Expanded Professional Network

The campaign generated numerous opportunities for collaborations, guest speaking, and even a consultancy role with a leading firm in their industry.

Established Industry Authority

Through strategic placements and thought leadership content, the client's reputation as an expert in their field was solidified.

KPIs and Analytics

We Set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and utilized analytics tools to measure website traffic, media mentions, and engagement metrics, offering tangible insights into the campaign's impact.

Result Driven Digital SEO Agency in London

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By overcoming initial challenges through targeted strategies and personalized communication, we achieved our set objectives and laid a strong foundation for the client’s continued growth and influence in their field.

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