Alright, Let’s Give This SEO Audit Adventure A Fun Twist For Our Eco-friendly Outdoor Gear Client!

The Client.

A spirited e-commerce brand is championing sustainable outdoor threads on a 5 epic-year journey. With the goal of charming the mighty Google dragon and wooing more digital adventurers to their site.

( name cannot be shared due to confidentiality clause) 

The Technical Labyrinth - SEO Audit.

Google’s treasure map (Search Console), the Screaming Frog spellbook, and the Ahrefs crystal ball.


  • Twists and Turns:
    • Sneaky robots.txt goblins had barred the doors to some treasure rooms, keeping them hidden from the world.
    • Pages loaded at a sloth’s pace (6.5 seconds of eternity), way beyond the 2-3 seconds the Google dragon prefers.
    • Mobile realms were plagued with pitfalls and traps, turning would-be adventurers away.
    • Ghostly 404 echoes in the halls of discontinued products, with no magical redirects in sight.


The On-Page Potion Brewing



  • Enchanted Tools: The mystical powers of Moz, the SEMrush scrying stone, and the Yoast SEO amulet.
  • Elixirs Needed:
    • A wild mix-up in the H1 spell tags across the land of product pages.
    • Keywords, the lifeblood of attraction, were as scarce as dragons’ teeth in product tales and magical metadata.
    • Many a product image roamed the web unseen by the all-seeing eye due to missing ALT spell tags.
    • Doppelganger content curses, with tales of products mirrored across the lands.
The Content Cauldron



  • Questing Path: Spied upon the high councils of competing realms for secrets of engagement and allegiance.
  • Revelations:
    • The client’s own tome of wisdom (blog) gathered dust, barely tickling the fancy of their target audience.
    • The rival domains enchanted their followers with a rich brew of tales, guides, and potions of user-generated lore.
    • A scant trail of internal links meant few pathways for adventurers to wander through their digital kingdom.


Off-Page Enchantments


  • Arcane Relics: The Ahrefs orb of insight and the BuzzSumo spell of social summoning.
  • Discoveries:
    • A modest trove of backlinks compared to the towering keeps of their foes, with scant few bestowed by the high courts of the web.
    • Social summonings fell on deaf ears, with the realm’s tales seldom shared across the taverns and forums of the digital lands.
    • Lacking a crusade for new alliances and backlinks, the realm’s presence in the great beyond was faint.



The Grand Strategy

Vanquish Technical Goblins: Unblock hidden treasures, hasten page load speeds with alchemy and spells, ensure the realm shines on any device, and guide lost travelers with magical redirects.

On-Page Alchemy: Harmonize the H1 spellwork, infuse product lore with the right keywords, make every image visible to the all-seeing eye, and lift the curse of duplicate content.

Brew Enthralling Content: Plot a calendar of tales that will enchant the audience, weaving in spells (keywords) uncovered in the quest. Link the realm’s wonders with a web of passages.

Forge Off-Page Alliances: Embark on a quest for backlink treasures from the high domains. Stir the cauldron of social engagement with tales worth telling and sharing.

The Ever-Evolving Quest

Watch the realm's growth through Google's looking glass and the Chronicles of Analytics.

Every quarter, consult the oracle to unveil new mysteries and paths to glory.

For in the realm of SEO, one must always be learning, adapting, and evolving.


Embarking on this SEO audit is like setting off on a grand adventure, full of twists, turns, and magical discoveries. By tackling the technical beasts, concocting powerful on-page potions, summoning captivating content, and weaving off-page spells, our eco-warrior client is on the path to legendary success. Onwards to digital domination and increased treasures (sales)!

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