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Megrisoft London based Google Certified Professionals is well versed with major areas like Google ads, shopping, mobile ads, display ads and google analytics.

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Why Hire Megrisoft For Your Ad Campaign?

As we are updated with all new

Google Ads Remarketing

Our PPC experts enable sites to show ads to users who visited your website in the past as there are more chances of converting your previous customer rather than the new site visitors.

Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is one of the way Google ads are using machine learning method which means power of technology to detect special patterns in data & then take decisions based on those patterns.

Showcase Ads in Google Shopping

Traditional shopping ads led you to the landing page where as new Google Showcase ads led you to the online catalog of the related product which makes a visitor job easier to but any item.

What Includes Google Ads Campaign Management?

Google Ads Campaign has its own complete Google Ads PPC Process.

Listening To Client Goals

We sit 1 on 1 with our client and listen to their goals about their website ad campaign including business objectives and return on investment plans.

Drafting Google Ads Strategy

Our professional search thoroughly into your industry, competitors, and demographics to design strategy for your campaign success.


After creating a customized strategy, we work on implementing it or by updating in any existing ad campaign you have into the brand new campaign.

Keywords Research

Deep keyword research with Google Ads Keyword Planner & some manual research techniques will get the most relevant keywords for any adgroup of any ad campaign.

Competitor Research & Analysis

A better understanding of your competitors PPC strategy is a big advantage. We try to get you insights about their bids, spendings & landing pages.

AdCopy Writing

Get the most click through rates, with ad copy for your google ads, landing pages with Better call to action, make your landing page more user-relevant.

Landing Page Design and Development

Having experienced web designers & developers team, make our landing page game strong. In guidance of PPC professionals, our inhouse web designers can make changes in landing pages.

Monitoring & Conversion Rate Optimisation

As soon as your on your ad campaign, you start & continue tracking your account & optimise your ads for better results. Our team is good with making adjustments to campaigns in real time.

Detailed Reporting & Monthly Meeting

Includes a number of tasks carried out to make your campaign run successfully. Regular monthly reports keep our clients updated on their work progress.

Your Google Ads Management Outsourcing Partner

Ensure The Best Possible Success Rates, Rather Than Wasted Budget


For Individuals

If you own an individual business & don’t know about SEO or Google Ads, we are here to help you as a perfect Google Ads outsourcing partner.

For Startups

Startups nowadays look for quick results rather than organic results which takes sometimes months and even years to be visible. We are here to help here.

For SEO Resellers

If you are a freelancer and having individual clients then we are here to help as SEO outsourcing partner where you can avail great deals and new offers.


For Web Design Firms

We can be your right partner to fulfil your client’s digital requirements like SEO or Google ADs PPC management at good discounts on bulk websites.

For Digital Marketing Agencies

We are already working with US and UK top SEO & digital marketing agencies and companies as trusted outsourcing partner since 2008.

For Brands

If you are a big brand in any industry, we can provdie dedicated account manager or team for ads PPC Management ready to handle Ads campaign.

Designing Bespoke Google Ads Campaigns

A Google Partner Team with Certified Google Ads Professionals. Detailed Monthly Reports. 1 on 1 Meeting. Strategies that Drives Sales

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Why Google Ads Are Important

Google ads (formerly Google Adwords) is the most popular paid search platform used by Internet users for paid search. Users can set their daily budget for each campaign of their website and select bids for each ad group of their ad campaign based on their budget and keyword competition. Further in includes settings like location-specific settings, mobile devices settings and ad schedules. Google also have their own Google Ads Keyword Planner which allows you to choose keywords for your adgroups.

What are the different types of Google Ads options ?

There are basically three types of Google ad campaigns: Search network campaign, display network campaign and video campaigns which are the most popular campaigns nowadays and it lasts for 6 to 15 seconds.

What is Cost Per Click or PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) means your ad amount will only deduct for an ad if someone clicks on it. There are some other advertising models are also there which are Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Engagement.

How much does Google Ads Campaign cost?

It will be calculated based on your monthly or daily budget. Google ads generally works on any budget. You ll be charged only once user interact with your live google ad. There is no minimum budget requirement. or any fixed contract.

What’s The Difference Between Google Ads And Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Organic SEO is a longer term project and includes the right set up of your website and online presence, ultimately to bring you more organic search, better results on search engines and referral traffic. Whereas Google Ads is a faster way of bringing targeted traffic to your website. Both are continuous investments but you will only pay for google ads once any person clicks on your google ads campaign advertising

Why does an Ad campaign need management & optimisation each month?

Any ad campaign needs to be monitored and optimised regulartly as direct money is invoice here and we have to change strategy as per market trend to save extra expenses. In Ad optimisation we try importing and expand its reach to the target audience.

What are the Google Ad Remarketing Options?

There are standard remarketing, dynamic remarketing, mobile apps remarketing, video remarketing ads, emaili list remarketing and search ads list remarketing.

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