Entrepreneurship: From Chaos to Success : Glimpse Magazine Feature

We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent interview of our Director Miss Aprajita Kohli which was conducted by Miss Manokriti from The Glimpse Magazine, Chandigarh, India.

We believe the challenges of entrepreneurship and the journey is always tough but it’s the goals one has and the organization’s intent that keep one self-driven. The question asked during the interview helped to justify and answer every step of the journey in detail. We feel passionately about the stand we as Megrisoft have taken for Women’s empowerment, women in business, and women in the professional working environments.

“I hope to maintain this upward momentum of motivation and inspiration for many young colleagues and leaders in the industry. As one of the women empowerment focussed firms in this area, we are indeed grateful for your willingness to include us in your Magazine. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved” –  Aprajita Kohli, Director, Megrisoft UK 

The interview shares the journey of Megrisoft’s Director and the establishment of Megrisoft Commercial presence in the UK. The entire staff at Megrisoft appreciated the professionalism with which the interview was conducted and presented. Since the interview lot of new young entrepreneurs have outreached for collaborations and we have built new strategies for women empowerment within our business. We appreciate your willingness to publish the interview in your esteemed magazine.

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