Megrisoft Announces to Fight Against Covid 19 and Launch a Vaccine Program for the Staff and Its Families.

Megrisoft has announced the plan to launch a vaccine program for its employees and their immediate family member as per Company medical scheme. The company has said that it will cover the cost of full vaccination which will include the first and the second dose. The company will also take care of the immediate vulnerable family member of the staff members. 
Mr. Mohnesh Kohli, Founder of Megrisoft said ” As we have been very positive throughout the pandemic and took full precautions for our staff, we believe nothing is important than the well-being of our team members. As I have been the first in the company to get the Covid 19 vaccine, I would further like to motivate all the employees of Megrisoft to get the vaccine and break the chain. For the staff who are eligible and opt to get vaccinated, the company will be happy to offer support or cover the cost of vaccination in the form of reimbursement.
Megrisoft is also partnering with different health care providers including the Touch to get the vaccine program roll in for all the employees at Megrisoft. 
Megrisoft Director Aprajita Kohli said “It is important to understand the seriousness of the pandemic and importance of the vaccine and why it is our responsibility to take the nomination and get vaccine dose as soon as possible. This will help the organization to get the staff back at work more freely and confidently. company will still be taking full precautions post-vaccine and safety measures will still be in place.

Contact info:

Austin Kohli

Megrisoft, India

+91 172 2631561

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