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Megrisoft Limited, a web company started in 1992 (the same time as Google itself was born or was introducing itself in India ) with a great reputation in the IT services industry. Engaging with services and offering the best solutions for web design, development, apps, and digital marketing. 

Today 5th Feb 2021  Company is thrilled to announce the 29th anniversary of the company. In this time the company has helped more than 1000 businesses across India, UK, USA, and Canada to grow and exceed their business objectives. Megri Soft Limited was founded on Feb 5, 1992, by Mohnesh Kohli with two staff members and one customer along with 1000 sq ft office space in Chandigarh, India. Completely opposite to its “one-man army beginnings”, the company now employs more than 100 staff members in its different offices. Employing an enthusiastic team of experts, Megrisoft believes in providing the best strategies and solutions in the world of Digital Marketing. Now Megrisoft is an IT service provider with a net worth of Rs. 200 million marks the completion of its 29th anniversary this year. Megrisoft has grown from an initial IT startup to a renowned name as the web and digital marketing expert in the International IT market.

The company is headquartered in India having three other international locations the UK, USA, and Canada. The company has a brilliant team of expert professionals with an approach to craft the business with honesty and transparency. The team is working in great infrastructure and focuses on web development and digital marketing.  The company headquarters has been working as an outsourcing partner for thousands of clients based in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and the European Union. The company today celebrates its success story and incredible new beginnings. The company aims to meet customers’ online goals through Megrisoft services and solutions.

Founder, Mr. Mohnesh Kohli firmly believes in promoting Digital solutions for new startups and growing companies. On this day Mr. Kohli further remarked, 

“We at Megrisoft today are absolutely thrilled and proud to have reached this milestone of a twenty-nine-year track record of not only growing and sustaining profits but also for delivering the best results for our clients all over the world. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all our networking partners, customers, employees for playing such an important role in the growth of Megrisoft. At the same time, we are very focused on the beginnings with our new customers and team who joined Megrisoft. We also believe in supporting our clients with the best solutions for their businesses post-Covid. I believe in achieving successful goals planned by the company for the years to come”. 

Company Director Miss Aprajita Kohli further added,

“I feel Megrisoft is working towards removing the Gap between the digital and real-world, by providing the solutions and creating more awareness to new businesses. The company has grown its team and the UK office has been working towards the company motto: “providing the best solutions with transparency and honesty”. We at Megrisoft also stand for Women’s Empowerment and have been associated with the UK government to spread the message of gender equality at work. We are currently in the ratio of higher women employment and as a Director, I also expect other firms to offer an opportunity for women in the corporate world. In the future, Our aim is to develop new products in the upcoming years and increase our research and development team for new innovations in the Digital Marketing sector.”

Future Plans of Megrisoft 

 Megrisoft is known for its people, knowledge, and its vast network across industries and web development and marketing technologies. With its new office in IT Park, Mohali, India, the company has plans to expand the workforce in India and Internationally. We believe to improve and transform new businesses and help them to grow in the area of Digital Marketing. 

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