Megrisoft Limited Is Proud To Join The @UKinIndia #PledgeforProgress campaign.

Gender equality isn’t just key for basic freedom, however a fundamental establishment for a serene, prosperous, and supportable world. At Megrisoft we truly believe in women empowerment and Gender Equality.


We are proud to partner with @UKinIndia and over 100 partners across India to launch the #PledgeforProgress joint commitment. Together we pledge to promote #GenderEquality in India and take practical steps to tackle gender inequality #BeTheChange. 



Megrisoft has been working specifically on Women Empowerment for the last few years to make sure, women and men are treated at the same level in the corporate world. At our organization, we also believe in bringing out the best of women in Leadership roles and help them to work Internationally. We as an organization not only focuses on Women Empowerment but also Gender Equality. We believe an organization’s success depends on the ethics and the measure we take to bring out the best of a person irrespective of the Gender.

We are delighted to be part of a progressive mission that will bring a strong voice to the issue and will give an opportunity to more than 100 organizations to take responsibility and emphasize the measures which can be taken by each individual in the corporate world.

To know more about the Mission and its aims and goals, please read here. 
Get to know all the Pledge signatories 


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