Preparing for the Marketing of Instagram Local Business Profile Pages

You decided to step up your social media presence by upgrading the marketing strategy of your Instagram business profile, but where do you start? You can do many things to make your Instagram profile better than before, and with a little bit of help, you can attract new customers, and they can even help you promote your business even further.

If you didn’t have an Instagram account before, then it’s time you create one right now. Make sure it’s got as much information as possible on it and that it’s available to everyone on demand. You should have two things listed: the address of your business (if it’s got a physical space and it’s not just online) and contact details (phone number, website). It would be best if you also aimed to answer private messages and comments on your posts as soon as possible because this will show your followers that you are active and bring more traffic to the page. No one likes to wait 3 days for a reply to their comment or message, so keep up with your notifications.

Did you know there are over 8 million business accounts on Instagram only? That’s why you need to post very often, to appear as much as possible in people’s feeds without feeling like too much for them as well.

A good start would be finding a theme for your account. It could be a style of taking pictures or a predominant colour that you can always use when editing your posts. Your profile should be coherent and easy to recognize, so having similarities in your posts will help you boost product recall in people and will raise your brand awareness.

Another tip I have for you is to try to keep the description of each post short and sweet. Instagram is picture-driven, so there is no need to post long copies. Most people don’t go on Instagram to read longer texts, and they will probably ignore whatever message you are trying to put out if it’s too long.

Another thing that you need to do to prepare for the marketing of your Instagram local business profile is to do your homework. Research. A lot. If you have a business Instagram account, you can access lots of data in the app. Things like your target audience, gender skew, when would be the best time to post and so on are available and already calculated by the social media platform. You need to read this data frequently to know who you are talking to (your target audience) and what they want from you.

You need to create a content calendar. That means that either on a piece of paper or in a Word document (or whatever Instagram analyser tool you wish to use), you need to write down each picture and description you will post. Write the hashtags you are going to use. Always use at least one hashtag to connect with another audience through that.  Having a content calendar will both be a good way of organising your future content as well as a good way of tracking past content you put out.

You won’t master your marketing strategy on the first try, but if you follow these simple tips in preparing for it, at least you are a bit further from failing. The only way to improve your strategy is if you try and try again different ones until you’ve found one that works for you and your type of business.

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