Visual Content Marketing – Infographics Gaining Importance In SEO Marketing

Boosting the success of the business primarily depends on how fairly the business can grab the attention of prospective customers. As we all know that visual presentation has a more far-reaching impact on the customers than words and long paragraphs can really do. Sometimes words can fail to grab human attention but using the combination of texts with graphics can make the task easier. Thus using infographic content as a marketing strategy can actually take the business to great heights. In this article, some of the reasons why infographic contents are more emphasized than only text contents are discussed below. Have a look at these points.

Faster Processing

Visual presentations are processed at a much faster pace in the human brain than plaintexts Thus which means that information is better communicated in the form of infographics.

Compatible in the world of social media

The platform of social media has the ability to create huge traffic in the marketing and launching of a product. Using infographics can directly launch the products on the social media platform thus increasing the success rate of the business by sharing and uploading the images there. Because of their attractiveness infographics are more likely to go viral on social media than plain text content.

Showing Instead Of Merely Telling

Visual representations used as part of the marketing strategy show the customers, demonstrations and product specifications instead of only telling them about the products.

Benefits SEO

Customers are likely to visit those websites that contain graphic representations and images thereby improving the SEO rankings of the website.

Visual Retention Is More than Text Retention

Research has shown that a human brain can retain 80% of what it sees and only 20% of what it reads. Thus Infographics are a more effective way of communication.

Appealing To Impatient Readers

Research has shown that 90 % of the readers are impatient to go through the whole content and thus stop midway. Thus if the content can be presented with visual tools it will be much more appealing to the readers.

Greater Coverage

With the advent of online publishing, infographics provide better coverage worldwide that print media publishing text contents can never achieve.


Infographic contents are embeddable that is to say when infographic content is used in a blog an embed code is created that automatically links your blog to that particular website.

Can Create Brand Awareness

Infographics that are embedded with the logo of the company can create a huge brand awareness that the customers can relate to that particular brand.

Expert Understanding

The amount of effort put in to create visual representations of the information displays the expertise behind creating such infographics. It puts light on the expert understanding and places you as a professional expert in your relevant field or topic.

Thus infographics play an important role in the marketing strategy by targeting prospective customers readily.

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