Let’s Make Your Content better with Social Media and Automation in Marketing

If you have searched for this topic, it means you are either managing a small business or are about to and you want to know how you can make your tasks easier. As we are in the century of technology and social media, one of the most of a business nowadays is a social presence. If you don’t have a social media account (or multiple, for that matter) your business is doomed from day one. People don’t have a channel to find you, to discover more about you and to communicate with you, and why would you miss this chance?
Of course, managing a social media account (eg. Instagram) is not an easy job to do, let alone managing more than one and having to post different things at different hours. That’s when automation comes in handy.

Automation can be a software that helps you by letting you schedule posts on multiple online channels. This is a tool that most businesses use because of how handy it is. Instead of having to physically press “upload”, you just order this action to happen a few hours or a few days before. Some of this software are Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Social Flow or Buffer. Each has the same basic tools, but they are all different in layout and optimisation for certain platforms.

Some automation tools allow you to search in your archives for some evergreen content that is ready to be republished or shared, even after a few years passed. That’s the beauty of an old evergreen post, it never becomes irrelevant.

The trick is that you still have to keep up to date with the current news because you don’t want to post something that may not be the best post at a time. I will give you an example of this. Let’s say you have a travel company and one of your scheduled posts is “Travel to London, it’s the safest city in the world”. If on that exact day there will be something that may involve London not being that safe, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go on with the post. Posting your initial idea will make people think you are not informed, or you are purposely lying, which are both equally bad things.

Some people say automation in marketing and social media makes you work less for the content you put on your website, but that couldn’t be far from the truth. The fact that you schedule your content does not mean you don’t have to still create it in the first place and making sure it is tailored to your audience. You can’t just post the same things all the time, you need to be relevant. Automation will only help you in organising your time more efficiently for digital marketing campaigns, but it will not help with maintaining a good relationship with your audience, answering their questions or dealing with complaints (because we all have to face complaints some way or another, and we need to accept them and learn from them).

So if you’ve ever found yourself being unable to post on your social media accounts and you find it a burden, an action that makes you lose track of time and become unproductive, then maybe looking into an automation software wouldn’t be a bad idea for you. or you can try social media marketing agency like Megrisoft Limited which makes sure you’re still keeping up with the trends and you still tailor all your content to what your audience wants to hear from you.

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