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For every webmaster increasing the authority of domain is a concern that brings them head to many other webmasters. It is a factor that has increased the concern of every SEO professional, website owner or blogger for very important reasons. Everyone is aware that how important it is to make high authority links for maintaining high DA of a blog or site.

Today we will discuss the 6 common and easy to do steps to increase the domain authority of a site or blog:

Improve the Link Building

Incoming links are very important for SEO, so it is very important to get media with high domain authority links. You can also hire professional blogger outreach services to increase domain authority of your site. Create links that readers love as a reference. Remove 404 Page not found errors with the help of Google Search Console tool or any other broken link from your blog.

Do some On On-Page Optimization

Search engine hates slow and inefficient pages, so optimizing your blog for best performance is very important. Go for monthly Google speed insights and then monitor your domain authority results using domain authority checker to have well balanced and consistent results.

Improve your content to be much more relevant

It is very important to take care of your editorial calendar to maintain addition of fresh content on your blog to provide value to readers or visitors of your site.

Promote your content on social media like your life

Promotion of content makes a high impact on readers. It is very important to have a presence in the networks and share your own and third-party content to achieve target audience. Search engine aggregators play a great role because they usually give you a very good follow up link.

Improve user accessibility of your blog

Always keep in mind that a user-friendly or comfortable blog is often preferred by readers. So always maintain a controlled number of advertising and pop up. Avoid buttons and links that lead nowhere.

Measure, be consistent and patient

Unfortunately, domain authority is a MOZ factor which goes down fast but takes a lot of time to rise up. So do well and be patient to see your rise little by little. You can check MOZ updates every month to keep an eye on DA.

So, if your blog has not yet done well don’t worry, do things well and you will achieve good results.

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