Top 22 SEO Factors For Better Google Ranking In 2024

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ever-changing process and hence never works in a one-time check-box. Google is always updating its SEO algorithm and to keep up pace with it requires a constant eye for detail on the same. Adequate knowledge of the latest trends and techniques of SEO is of utmost importance in order to have one’s website gain and maintain a good ranking on SERPs.

Now at the end of 2021, it is high time to determine factors affecting SEO in 2022, and companies offering SEO services in the UK would have to be on top of their game in order to adapt to the probable and possible changes.

So here is a list discussing the Top 22 SEO factors to be considered in 2022:

The Power Of AMPs

Accelerated Mobile Pages could well turn out to be the top factor for SEO in 2022 with Google already giving preference to websites that have switched over to AMPs as it not only loads pages instantly on mobile devices with a speed that is up to five times faster but also at the same time uses ten times fewer data. So more and more sites are likely to resort to AMP.

The Rise Of Impact Content

Content continues to be the king for Google as of 2021. With time increasingly creating great content that appeals to visitors in a very short time with informative language and entices them to read on. Thus, influencing people with dense yet informative content is something that can be a pivotal factor for SEO in 2022.

Promotion Of Personal Branding

Nowadays, Personal Branding makes it much easier to draw more traffic to your websites, helping in building trust and also aids in securing guest posts easily. As it seems, Personal Branding can very well be one of the new SEO trends of 2022.

User Experience Optimization (UEO) 

At least, user experience has always been something to which Google has given special attention. However, with the rise of AMP’s, there is a big chance that Google gives more credit to sites that give users a great experience by loading quickly on mobile devices, captivating them to stay on to their sites for a longer period, etc. among other factors, therefore, can witness much more stress in UEO as far as SEO trend is concerned.

Apps On Top

It’s been quite a while since SEO options are also available for mobile apps. Till this point, the core functions of Google’s search engine have remained unaltered while offered to app users. However, app favouritism may increase to a greater level with respect to SEO.

Sophistication Of The Personal Digital Assistants

PDAs would become more diversified thereby leading the way to new types of search and conversational queries opening a way for new ranking opportunities.

Role Of Machine Learning

Machine learning may profoundly impact data interpretation and marketing automation as Google starts releasing more and more machine learning updates to its SEO arsenal in 2022.

Drive Away Duplicate Content

In Google’s algorithm, there is no place for duplicate content and it can have an adverse effect on your rankings negatively influencing Google search results.

Keyword Positioning in Content

Keywords would continue to have a substantial role to play in SEO-optimized content creation. Although the actual content is what matters the most still the smart selection and usage of keywords maintaining keyword density and avoiding keyword stuffing can help a site a long way in attaining a good ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Get Fresh Content 

Google has always advocated for updated content. It has got a special liking for fresh content creation and it is increasingly inclining towards the same. So it is a great idea to update site content every year or so to stay in the good book of Google.

Original And Non – Plagiarized Content Is A Must

Content needs to be unique and entirely original. The spinning of content is something that will take your website away from getting good rankings on Google.

Multimedia Content Gradually Becoming The New Trend

Infographics, images, charts, memes, videos and other forms of media add to the enrichment of content quality, thereby boosting the site’s presence and position in search engine rankings. With more and more websites implementing multimedia content to their scheme of things, the year 2022 can see a close contest between sites to climb up the SEO ladder banking upon quality multimedia content.

Internal Links Quality

If internal links can be obtained from domain authoritative pages, it will surely have a strong impact on the eventual ranking of a webpage and it holds true for 2022 as well.

Effective Tags

SEO gets a good boost from WordPress-specific tags. When a piece of content is related to another or when a post is related to a group of posts the SEO automatically gets a stable boosting and 2022 would not be an exception to this.

Page Age Matters

Although there is no denying the fact that fresh content is favoured by Google at the same time it is also true that an older page with updated content is much more preferred on Google’s part.

The SSL Certificate And The Use Of HTTPS

It has been confirmed by Google that websites with index SSL certificates and those using HTTPS are bound to get higher rankings in Google.

Use Of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

In order to improve SEO rankings, it is mandatory these days that you have Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools installed and it definitely holds good for 2017.

Site Usability

Extensive importance is given nowadays to site usability. A site with poor usability won’t be the one where a user spends much time and neither would it be well entertained by Google. It will apply for 2022 too.

influential Outreach 

Guest Posts are a fantastic way to attain great rankings in search engines. However, having said that contextual links serve the purpose even further. This is something that is highly likely to gain more momentum in 2022.

Social Shares For Relevant And Related Pages

Choosing to share and getting your pages linked to social media can profoundly affect SEO rankings. Social media has a massive impact on people’s everyday lives and the growth of numerous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Backlinks And Website Architecture

Backlinks will continue to have a crucial role to play in 2022 also and those from older domains would assist in SEO boosting more than the newer ones. And a good way to climb the ladders of Google ranking is by creating a perfect site architecture.

The introduction Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) In SEO By Google As RankBrain

Last but not least the introduction of AI in SEO named Rank Brain is undoubtedly the most interesting, exciting and the most anticipating part of it all. With nothing clear cut as yet as to how it is going to unfold and influence the SEO proceedings all that can be done is to wait and watch. The RankBrain is primarily devised to enhance user convenience by facilitating an advanced searching experience adding a whole new dimension to SEO.

In conclusion, we can say Google uses as many factors to rank a website and many of these factors and criteria change so quickly that they are indeed quite difficult to cope with. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule for proper SEO. What is good today may well be obsolete tomorrow. We at Megrisoft UK enable our client’s website to rank high on Google and other search engine pages.

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  1. Yes, on AMP i can say that google is now started giving priorities to AMP pages and the ranking factor. I have got many examples of AMP pages where they rank above all the other websites.
    After that i implemented AMP on my website too. And the result i got is –
    1. Decrease in bounce rate
    2. Increase in CTR
    3.Hence,traffic is increased

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